Doodle Duvet

The Doodle Duvet is a is a duvet that you can draw on using special markers that can easily be cleaned simply by throwing it though the wash.

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I can’t think of a single reason why your child shouldn’t own a crayon ammo belt. If every ammo belt held a complete set of 24 Crayola Crayons, the world would be a much better place.

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You could spend thousands on remodeling your bathroom, or you could just get this fancy polyester Slothzilla shower curtain. Slothzilla is watching you shower. Slothzilla likes what he sees.


A life-sized model (1.80 m). With anatomical labels in English and Latin. Joints that will bend and straighten. Can be used in a variety of different ways. For demonstration purposes at school and college.


As you can see, Scorpion Vodka contains a walloping great scorpion. And it’s not just any old scorpion. This particular pickled arachnid has been specially bred in southern China and is totally safe to eat. So they tell us.


If there is one thing that needs to be bought in bulk, it is cereal marshmallows. Stop fooling yourself. These things are the only reason anyone buys Lucky Charms. Now you can cut to the chase and have a nice bowl of marshmallows.


At home or on the go, the SupaBoy plays your favorite Super Nintendo and Super Famicom cartridges anywhere you are. Portable or home console, the SupaBoy is the choice.


While your driving (on an empty road) throw one out in front of your car and see how many times you can hit it while it bounces down the street. Or bounce it out the car and into open shop doorways.


The mini cannon to end all mini cannons! These precision machined, muzzle loading, black powder beauties pack quite a punch (and are quite loud too)!